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About Cafe Comedy : Cafe Comedy is World’s Premiere - Asia's First Comedy Training Academy 'Cafe Comedy' - The place to learn comedy, Founded by Humorist & Comedian Mr. Amit Khuva, who has been working as a professional comedian in various live and television shows for 14+ years as well as inspiring & guiding comedians as a comedy trainer since 9+ years.

Sense of Humor is something that intrigues people for ages, even though there wasn’t any institution offering any detailed courses to learn and enhance it. Pursuing comedy as a passion or career was tough since the beginning of the Comedy era. Gradually, performing opportunities started being available. The humor industry and the aspiring comedians were struggling to learn & understand this art form thoroughly.

Cafe Comedy’s Founder Mr. Amit Khuva has struggled from the same before becoming a sensation in comedy. Lack of learning platforms for aspiring comedians to grow their comedy careers, made him come up with the concept of Cafe Comedy as a full-time Comedy Academy, where we not only provide the workshops, training & performing opportunities But also offering personalized mentorship to aspiring comedians and to anyone who wants to learn comedy online for any specific purpose!

Cafe Comedy is also working as a Group of Comedians (Consist some of the best and most consistent students) who perform regularly at different events produced by Cafe Comedy & Other Producers.

Mission: Home To Happiness. We believe and aspire to be the home to happiness for all the people who understand and admire the language of smile. Vision: Comedy has 38 types, So there are 37 other ways than stand-up comedy to make people laugh. Along with comedy’s purest and most popular form Standup Comedy, We are also focused on exploring all other different types of Comedy like Sketch, Improv, Conundrum, Wit, and Satire, etc, In both Traditional and Urban Style of Presenting Humor. Belief: Cafe Comedy believes & promotes the Idea of ‘Healthy Comedy’. The major part of our belief can be understood by the widely popular term 'Clean Comedy' which has always been the USP of our performances for each and every event that we conduct. We believe that Comedy can be presented in a way where points are being made, people are laughing, you are raising your ideas and still being clean!

At Cafe Comedy, we try to be helpful by posting important tips & short training/concept explanation videos on our official social media profile (YouTube / Instagram / Facebook)

Note From The Team:

- If you admire your sense of humor and want to explore the opportunities to enhance it,

- If you want to learn standup comedy in detail or want to explore different comedy types and eventually want to make one of it as your professional career,

- If you want to understand and learn the craft of cracking jokes for any other purpose of your own, and looking for a space to start with,

We would love to be part of your learning journey & we are always here to provide the right guidance, training, mentorship, opportunities or anything that you would need as far as your interest in humor is concerned.

Also, Cafe Comedy appreciates & welcomes the appreciative (Kadardaan) audience! If you are the one who loves humor as your daily dose of entertainment and also wants to entertain the people by spreading it, we would be glad to see you as an audience member at any of our live/virtual events or even would be thrilled to be invited to perform or plan the uniquely designed dose of humor at your events.

Let us together make memorable and humorous experiences!

Let’s Spread Happiness.

Now, If you have read it till this sentence, just take a pause; and smile :)


Mr. Amit Khuva - Cafe Comedy's Founder, Mentor & Trainer

About Amit Khuva: Amit Khuva is a Comedian with an experience of 14+ Years as a Standup Comedian (2500+ Live shows & 40+ TV Shows) and 9+ years of experience as a Standup Comedy Mentor.

He is the founder of Asia’s First - World’s Premiere Comedy Training Academy - ‘Cafe Comedy’ which is also the pioneer group of comedians working for the concept of presenting all the unique comedy types (30+) with the USP of keeping it clean & healthy.

Amit Khuva has two records in his name, First is a World Record as ‘World's Youngest Comedy Trainer’ in the Golden Book of World Records and Second is a National Record as ‘Youngest Comedian of the Country’ in India Book of Records.

In the regional language comedy (Gujarati), he has 100 Million+ YouTube Views & Longest Running Daily Television Comedy Show (750+ Episodes) on his Name!

Mr. Amit has been the performer, creative director, script head, talent head, and comedy judge at many national & regional television shows and comedy competitions.

He has the experience of training 2500+ students for comedy in his different short-term courses and mentored 150+ comedians in his special one of its kind long-term comedy mentorship program ‘Comedy 101 Coaching’.

He is currently researching to pursue his Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Comedy where he is trying to define a Unique & 39th type of Comedy.

Along with being a professional standup comedian by night & a comedy writer-director-curator by day and a comedy mentor by evening (sometimes midnight & mornings too), he also takes out time to be part of the journey of aspiring comedians out of his love and passion for the art form.

Amit Khuva

Mentor / Trainer

Founder of Asia’s First - World’s Premiere Comedy Training Academy