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Cafe Comedy is not just about learning standup comedy, we are highly focused into exploring
all 38 types of Humor since 9+ years in this Industry. We firmly believe that one can pursue humor
in its purest form and can learn to develop the sense of humor with right learning & practice.

‘Comedy can be learnt for sure.’ is the motto that we work with &
‘Home to Happiness’ is how we would like to be known as Cafe Comedy.

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Welcome to the World of Comedy Learning. Have Fun While Being Funny!

Comedy 101 Coaching

Mode: Online Batch: 21 / April

10 different topic wise workshops followed by 3 months of Methodised Comedy Coaching, where you will understand the structure of comedy & will be learning the techniques to develop your Comedy Writing & Performance.

Comedy Coaching Intensive

Mode: Online Join: Anytime

24 Weeks Personlised Coaching & Mentorship to learn comedy in detail through weekly 1-to-1 sessions. Course includes Workshops, Content Jamming, Guidance on getting opportunities, Performance Evaluations & much more.

Comedy Career KickStarter

Mode: Online Join: Anytime

A special program for Comedians, where we will coach you to prepare a funny crisp 60 minutes of Comedy Content. During this 36 Weeks Program, we guide you in your journey of achieveing your first ever Ticketed Live Comedy Show.


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Learning, Entertainment And What Not!

Apna Open Mic - Online

8.00 pm - 9.30 pm Online - Zoom

At Apna Open Mic, we are inviting Fresh Talents to showcase their talent on an emerging and non-judgmental platform.

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Aastha Lal

Amit is such a great comedy coach! I learned so much from him! The value that his coaching brings is truly priceless—and I hope to work with him for years to come. He’s an incredible comedy teacher! Highly recommend!

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From USA <<

Veronica Jakobs Lupascu

I took the first part of the training and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Amit is a great coach. In fact his deliveries are way beyond the time and material he delivers in this course. I have learned a lot and I am sure there is a beautiful year yet to come! Thank you Amit for your help, advice and coaching!

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From DUBAI <<

Kamlesh Darji

Comedy was always a passion for me but I didn’t know if there ever existed comedy classes in any corner of the world. After I enrolled at Cafe Comedy's Workshop, I have been trained properly by Amit Khuva and I must admit he is an amazing trainer. As far now, haven't looked back yet and did 100+ shows as on May, 2018. I am thankful to Amit Khuva & Cafe Comedy for me being a successful standup comedian today.

>> '8 Days Standup Comedy Bootcamp' Student From INDIA <<

Vivek Sanil (RJ Vicky)

Amit Khuva is a Star, master of his art and a great teacher. His classes have helped me with the much needed push to start my comedy career, 10 day workshop has been good and really looking forward to lot of learning and training for the next 1 year.

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From DUBAI <<

Sandesh Nayak

If you want to be comedian, then Cafe Comedy is the right place to be in. The course emphasize on Comedy techniques, guidance by experts on the skills, Experiences, Tips on being and handling the stage. Amit is a great coach, well experienced with all techniques of comedy and learning under him will be lot of fun. Highly recommended.

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From MALAYSIA <<

Juliana Heng

Just attended the 10 Days Workshop of Comedy 101 Coaching by Amit Khuva! Amit is a knowledgeable trainer who is generous in sharing his comedy skills, constructive feedback on my comedy & how to bring it to the next level~!! Although I have been performing stand-up comedy for 4 years, I am still learning a lot of new things in this workshop. Thanks Amit for being my mentor.

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From MALAYSIA <<

Manish Shah

It was an amazing experience to be part of Comedy 101. Amit Khuva's Teaching skills are excellent. The way he communicates it's very easy to understand. I appreciate his level of patience with all new comers. The curriculum covers a lots of technics of writing and performing Comedy. I am sure if you are funny with the teachings of Comedy 101 you can become a Standup Comedian.

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From INDIA <<

Kalpak Karnik

Great place to learn the finer details of comedy. Amit Khuva is a very professional mentor and teaches the art of comedy with much detail and by practical demonstration of the craft. Give personal attention to each student. He teaches based on his own personal experience.

>> 'Comedy 101 Coaching' Student From DUBAI <<

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