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Comedy 101 Coaching

Mode: Online Batch: 15 / June

10 different topic wise workshops followed by 3 months of Methodized Comedy Coaching, where you will understand the structure of comedy & will be learning the techniques to develop your Comedy Writing & Performance.

Comedy Coaching Intensive

Mode: Online Join: Anytime

24 Weeks Personlised Coaching & Mentorship to learn comedy in detail through weekly 1-to-1 sessions. Course includes Workshops, Content Jamming, Guidance on getting opportunities, Performance Evaluations & much more.

Comedy Career KickStarter

Mode: Online Join: Anytime

A special program for Comedians, where we will coach you to prepare a funny crisp 60 minutes of Comedy Content. During this 36 Weeks Program, we guide you in your journey of achieveing your first ever Ticketed Live Comedy Show.

Humor Sessions

Mode: Online Date: 28 / May

Topic For This Month :
Finding Your Unique Way of Being Funny

'Humor Sessions' is where an expert shares an inside on a specific topic of comedy briefly in this session.

Jam Sessions

Mode: Online Date: Flexible

Jam Sessions are a choice based session where our expert works on your Standup Comedy Script along with you. We help you churn out the essence, by giving you a better story-line & delivery to enhance your overall performance.

Comedy Writing

Mode: Online Batch: 4 / May

If you are a Comedian, Aspiring Comedy Writer, Host, Blogger, Journalist, Content Creator, Copywriter, Screenwriter, Drama / Movie / Series Writer, Influencer, or anyone who is interested to explore and learn Comedy Writing in detail, this is for you.

Weekend Standup Comedy Taster Workshop

Mode: Online Batch: Soon

In this workshop you will be understanding different Joke Structures to make creative hilarious jokes from funny ideas. During this workshop which is a beginners class to learn comedy, you will learn the Top 10 Comedy Techniques which can help you to develop comedy material from daily chores.

Understand 38 Types of Comedy : Webinar

Mode: Online Batch: Soon

In this webinar, our comedy expert will take you through the ride of understanding 38 Types of Comedy that exist till now. It includes popular types like Standup, Improv, Sketch & many unpopular but interesting types like Conundrum, Blend Word, Buffoon etc.

Mimicry Workshop

Mode: Online Batch: Soon

If you are a Comedian, Aspiring Mimicry Artist, Voiceover Artist, Influencer or an Actor who want to explore the Art of Mimicry, then workshop is for you. It includes in-depth training about Voice Modifications & Character Impressions along with practical exercises to understand diffrent aspects of Mimicking.

Improv Workshop

Mode: Online Batch: 12 / April

This workshop includes in-depth training about Structures, Games, Rules and Core Structures of Improv Comedy. If you are a Comedian, Aspiring Improviser, Actor, Comedy Enthusiast, Class Clowns who want to learn the art of Improvisational Humor, then this workshop is for you.

Slapstick Workshop

Mode: Online Batch: Soon

This 2 days workshop is filled with detailed training sessions about Physical Comedy & Slapstick Humor. It will also be including a bunch of practical exercises to understand the usage of props, principles, techniques, elements & craft of humorous slapstick comedy acts.

Hosting Workshop

Mode: Online Batch: 7 / April

If you are a Comedian or an Aspiring Host who is interested to learn humorous hosting for comedy events, then this workshop is for you. It includes in-depth training about handling & running comedy events along with practical exercises to learn & understand duties of a host.

Standup Comedy Bootcamp

Mode: In-Person Batch: Soon

This 10 days In-Person Bootcamp has been specially conceptualized & designed to train you for Comedy - the field in trend nowadays. In this workshop series you will get the knowledge about what is comedy, how to perform it & how to do it professionally, under the guidance of the Mentor Mr. Amit Khuva. This bootcamp will cover the aspects from creating a standup comedy set to understanding the journey of becoming a Professional Comedian.

Standup Comedy CrashCamp

Mode: In-Person Batch: Soon

This 2 days In-Person Crash Camp is designed to train you for the basics of Standup Comedy Art form. It is a detailed program to Learn and Master the Structures of Writing as well as Formats of Performing a Joke. This will also include learning the Top 10 Comedy Techniques, the art of find-get-utilise opportunities & the set of information about path steps to make a Career as a Professionally Working Standup Comedian.

Funny 101

Mode: In-Person Batch: Soon

This is a One Day (4 Hours) Comedy Workshop about Joke Structures and Basics of Comedy. If you are new to comedy or a humor enthusiast, who would like to start understanding what is funny & how being funny works, then this can be a good start. This workshop will give you the basic understanding about humor which will help you realise your Funny Potential. It will also include practical exercises where you will write your first set of jokes.

Humor Week

Mode: Online Batch: Soon

'HUMOR WEEK' is a One Week Practical Humor Enhancement Program to Understand & Develop Your Sense of Humor. This program is useful to find your unique style of sense of humor by going through activities to enhance it. Also the Mentor will guide you with exploring opportunities to use it in your routine.

Humor Classes

Mode: Online Batch: Soon

In Humor Classes, attendees will learn the aspects of enhancing their Sense of Humor with several Techniques, Learnings & Activitites. In the regular weekly sessions of this continous program, one can sharpen the skill of humor by practicing all the exercises and fun activities during the class and beyond.


Mr. Amit Khuva - Cafe Comedy's Founder, Mentor & Trainer

About Amit Khuva: Amit Khuva is a Comedian with an experience of 14+ Years as a Standup Comedian (2500+ Live shows & 40+ TV Shows) and 9+ years of experience as a Standup Comedy Mentor.

He is the founder of Asia’s First - World’s Premiere Comedy Training Academy - ‘Cafe Comedy’ which is also the pioneer group of comedians working for the concept of presenting all the unique comedy types (30+) with the USP of keeping it clean & healthy.

Amit Khuva has two records in his name, First is a World Record as ‘World's Youngest Comedy Trainer’ in the Golden Book of World Records and Second is a National Record as ‘Youngest Comedian of the Country’ in India Book of Records.

In the regional language comedy (Gujarati), he has 100 Million+ YouTube Views & Longest Running Daily Television Comedy Show (750+ Episodes) on his Name!

Mr. Amit has been the performer, creative director, script head, talent head, and comedy judge at many national & regional television shows and comedy competitions.

He has the experience of training 2500+ students for comedy in his different short-term courses and mentored 150+ comedians in his special one of its kind long-term comedy mentorship program ‘Comedy 101 Coaching’.

He is currently researching to pursue his Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Comedy where he is trying to define a Unique & 39th type of Comedy.

Along with being a professional standup comedian by night & a comedy writer-director-curator by day and a comedy mentor by evening (sometimes midnight & mornings too), he also takes out time to be part of the journey of aspiring comedians out of his love and passion for the art form.

Amit Khuva

Mentor / Trainer

Founder of Asia’s First - World’s Premiere Comedy Training Academy