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Comedy 101 Coaching

18 Weeks Program

Mentor: Amit Khuva

Next Batch: 15 / June / 2024

Duration: 10 Workshops + 3 Months Coaching

Training Mode: Online

Timings: Evening 2 Hours For The First 10 Days Workshop Series Then Flexible

Fees: $650 USD (Foreign Resident Student) OR 18000/- INR (India Resident Student)

'COMEDY 101 Coaching' is a 18 weeks long program with Methodized Comedy Coaching.

Where we are offering you 10 different Topic-Wise Workshops followed by 3 months of Comedy Coaching, where you will understand the structure of comedy & will be learning the techniques to develop your comedy writing & performance.

About The Trainer :
Mr. Amit Khuva Founder of World’s Premiere - Asia's First Comedy Training Academy 'Cafe Comedy' is a well-known comedian of Gujarat as well as India’s First and World’s Youngest Standup Comedy Trainer as well. He has done more than 2500+ Live Shows along with around 40+ TV Episodes & Has 14+ Years of Experience In Comedy Performing & 9+ years In Comedy Training.

At Comedy 101 Coaching, we start with learning the essentials via a 10 days workshop series as mentioned below.

Workshop Series Part 1: Writing
1) Understanding the Jokes structure
2) Comedy Writing Techniques
3) Understanding Callbacks
4) Drafting & Types of Comedy

Workshop Series Part 2: Performing
5) Body Language & Voice Modulation
6) Handling Hecklers & Stage Fear
7) Audience Interaction & Crowd Work

Workshop Series Part 3: Eco System
8) Identifying Your Style & Getting Stage Frequently
9) Being a Likable & Salable Comic
10) Getting Work Around Comedy

Along with a Workshop Series, Here are the Perks / Resources to learn standup comedy,
as part of the Comedy 101 Coaching :

▪️ 10 Days Comedy Workshops Series

▪️ 3 Jam Sessions: Your Mentor will guide you to develop a proper Standup Comedy Set.

▪️ 2 Career Counseling Calls: Your Mr. Amit Khuva will guide you to develop a future in Comedy with his 14+ years of experience in this industry.

▪️ 3 Digital Open Mics: To Practice, Analyze and keep developing your standup comedy skills.

▪️ Performance Evaluation: You can get a detailed review of your open mic performances by your mentor, this will help you to build a standup comedy set in the most funniest way possible.

▪️ Taskbook: A yearlong taskbook contains Tasks related to comedy will be provided to you to be more regular in comedy.

▪️ 3 Humor Sessions: Humor sessions are detailed insights on a specific topic. This is where an expert shares an inside of the specific topic of comedy in brief into the session.

▪️ 3 Video Breakdown Zoom Calls: Your Mentor will guide you through breaking a comedy video every few seconds of the video and give the pros and cons of the performance.

▪️ Standup Tip Broadcasts: Every week a specially designed standup tip will be provided to you.

▪️ Exclusive E-books: E-books to develop in comedy will be provided.

▪️ 2 Worksheets: Work & Activities related to comedy will be given to you via 2 worksheets (90 Days Each).

▪️ QnA Closure Call: In this session, we take Comedy related questions from students and your Mentor Mr. Amit Khuva answers them. This QnA Session help students to ask the most raw to the most specific questions of the comedy field to enhance their knowledge about going further in Comedy.

If you have ever wondered How to build a Standup Comedy Set from your daily chores then 'Comedy 101 Coaching' is for you.

▪️ Here you will :
learn the art of joke making,
learn to be funny,
learn comedy writing,
learn comedy performing,
learn punchline delivery,
learn comedy techniques,
And what not in this long term comedy course.

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