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Comedy Coaching Intensive

24 Weeks Personlised Coaching Program

Mentor: Amit Khuva

Batch: Join Anytime

Duration: 24 Weeks Coaching & Mentorship

Training Mode: Online

Timings: 24 Personalised 1-to-1 Weekly Sessions on Mutually Decided Fix Day & Time

Fees: $5200 USD (Foreign Resident Student) OR 85000/- INR (India Resident Student)

'Comedy Coaching Intensive' is a 24 Weeks Long Personalised Program with
Methodized Comedy Coaching via 1-to-1 Mentorship Sessions.

About The Trainer :
Mr. Amit Khuva Founder of World’s Premiere - Asia's First Comedy Training Academy 'Cafe Comedy' is a well-known comedian of Gujarat as well as India’s First and World’s Youngest Standup Comedy Trainer as well. He has done more than 2500+ Live Shows along with around 40+ TV Episodes & Has 14+ Years of Experience In Comedy Performing & 9+ years In Comedy Training.

At Comedy Coaching Intensive, we are offering you several Topic Wise Workshops, Content Jamming & much more as described below :

Term 1 (3 Weeks) :

10 Days Workshop Series with these topics :
1) Understanding the Jokes structure | 2) Comedy Writing Techniques
3) Understanding Callbacks | 4) Drafting & Types of Comedy
5) Body Language & Voice Modulation | 6) Handling Hecklers & Stage Fear
7) Audience Interaction & Crowd Work | 8) Identifying Your Style & Getting Stage Frequently
9) Being a Likable & Salable Comic | 10) Getting Work Around Comedy
+ Guidance to Create 10 Minutes of Super Strong Content

Term 2 (3 Weeks) :

Understanding the Comedy Circuit thoroughly to Design the Pathway of Your Comedy Career,
Preparing Yourself to Step Into the Field & Attempting Various Stage Experiences with Various Comedy Sets;
For which We'll conduct Several 1-to-1 Content Jamming Sessions for you to be better at your craft.

Term 3 (3 Weeks) :

Choosing Your Speciality from given Subjects (Such as Standup, Improv, Writing, Sketch)
and getting in detail training on that one subject to master the craft under that specific comedy type.
This is 3 weeks of Intense Training under a Specialised Comedy Mentorship to be better at comedy overall.

Term 4 (2 Weeks) :

Choosing & Working on A Specific Project,
Where we will help you to choose an appropriate practical project within comedy
& will guide you throughout to achieve it within the span of 2 weeks.

Term 5 (1 Weeks) :

Course Summary & Further Guidance.
This would be the Closing Session of the program,
Where we will summarise the important aspects of comedy
that you will learn so far and will guide you further
about your career in and around the field of comedy.


How and When can we start ?
As it is a 1-to-1 Personalised Sessions based program, there is no waiting for a batch to start!
You can start the program right away or at any time as soon as we have not reached the limit of
30 new enrolments a month. Once you enrol for the program & complete the admission procedure,
we will identify a day & time suitable to both you and the mentor to begin the weekly sessions.

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