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Benefits of Comedy

19 Jan 2021

Well, if you do a round table for the comedians the discussion regarding there carriers; would be pretty hilarious ! Barging into the comedy as a hobby or just trying it as an art form or creating your carrier in comedy. You will totally find every pros or cons in the art form.

Well, not about the cons but there are few pros that we can discuss,

1. Stage performance pressure
Well, not ranting about it but as a comedian you might have to experience the stage for nearly an eternity. Out of those stage experiences there may be such experiences where you kill and achieve a loud applause and there may be other such where you bomb and your jokes don’t work. The process of going on stage with different experiences will definitely reduce your stage performance pressure.

2. Energy
At this point, when you receive the first clap or laughter of your performance, there is a different energy that you can feel in your body and that energy will always fulfill your eyes with tears of happiness. That’s why we prefer to tell you as home to happiness.

3. It becomes easy to deal with your disasters
When life gives you those unexpected ups and downs. And you regret to talk about it with your close ones as well. Try to use them on the stage . Comedy will help you reduce the amount of emotional pressure because you can speak about your problems on stage.

4. You will start improvising
As a comedian you will start improving yourself creating better set or better piece of work . You will find changes in your observational skills , performing skills. It will give you a strong idea about how to give a different perspective to anything and how well can you manage without stutter or fumble.

5. Rejection or insults
To be honest , for a comedian his life has filled with the rejections and insults. When a comedian comes on the stage, he has hecklers. Sometimes when he bombs his set. There are people hooting on him. Other than those there is a very famous saying by Mr. Amit Khuva, “ Comedy Is Remedy, When Pain Finds Fun.”
With lot of experiences created from rejections and insults there are lot of observations and those observations help to create lot of jokes.
Thus , journey of a comedian has a lot of benefits. We insist you to come on stage and try it on your own. Don’t worry what more can go wrong?