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Tragedy To Comedy

17 Oct 2020

Is It Necessary to Experience Pain to get Hilarious?
Well, Practically Yes. Because if one haven’t understood the value of smile, there is very low possibility of him adoring creating one. As the one who have experienced the smile-less phase in life knows and moreover understands the deep down value of smile and that’s what drives him to create a bunch of them on people’s faces.

As I have once quoted,

“Comedy is Remedy When Pain Finds Fun”
- Amit Khuva (Myself)

“Comedy is Remedy When Pain Finds Fun” – One can find comedy as remedy when it helps him to overcome the sorrows. A Man in pain is have no other option then to accept it or to find a remedy of it. Fortunately, comedy plays both the roles! That doesn’t mean doing a joke when having fever will cure it, but it will definitely get you out of the fear of fever and help you to accept it.

One of the biggest element that is important in humor is persona, feelings behind what you say. That helps to connect the artist and the audience. The persona behind the joke, or we can say the opinion behind the observation comes naturally when you actually feel it. It is said that a man can feel the pain more accurately then the happier moments of life. Happy moments of the life are faded and overall. Pain is exact, moment to moment; which helps to be accurate with the persona, which helps to connect. And that’s how tragedy is the best raw material for comedy, feeling wise!

Have you ever thought of something which someone in pain needs (along with the medicine of course)? It is the comfort of expressing it. We get very few people in life in front of whom we can be weak and share the pain. Are these few people these few people because they are not laughing at it? No. They are the ones whose laughter doesn’t sound like mocking to us, or maybe we don’t mind them mocking our pain.

You know who’s better than them to mock your pain? YOU.

A sheer comfort, joy of sharing the pain with being judged but also with getting some attention, some claps and a huge amount of smiles on their faces which will also create one on your face, deal?